Competition Format

The Online Round will begin from 1st February 2014 and end on the 28th February. During this time Spelling Bee team will visit your school in your respective Divisions & nearby District to run the School Activation Round. The description of all the rounds are given below:

Online Round

The 1st round consists of an online competition for which students will have to register at After registration, they will be given an ID and a password to play 'Spell Bangladesh' - an online vocabulary game where spellers have to spell words correctly after listening to an audio. Spellers can play the game as many times as they want until the 1st Round ends. Only their best scores from the game will be considered. Top spellers from each division will be selected for the 2nd Round.

Divisional Round

With the top 3,000 spellers from the country, the Divisional Round will kick off. The Spelling Bee team will go to all divisions of Bangladesh and conduct screening sessions from which the best spellers of the country will be filtered out for the TV Round. All spellers of this round will have to appear for a written test followed by an oral test. Further details and dates of this round will be shared with Online Round winners in due time.

TV Round

With the top 96 spellers from the country, the TV Round will kick off. The TV round will be broadcasted on Channel I and will consist of 4 rounds: Preliminary Round,Quarter Final, Semi Final and The Grand Finale. Contestants will be tested on spelling skills in a wide variety of different game formats including Spell Hive, Spell It, Spell Buzz and Spell Ring. Further details and dates of the TV Round will be shared with Divisional Round winners in due time.

The Grand Finale

The country's top 6 spellers from the previous rounds will fight among themselves in the Grand Finale. The contest format will be exactly the same as the Quarter Finals and Semi Finals, but will have a higher difficulty level. The date of the Grand Finale will be shared with contestants in due time

How to Participate
  • Any student studying in Class VI-X is eligible to participate in Spelling Bee.
  • Students from both English and Bangla mediums are eligible to participate.
  • The candidates of SSC and O-Level examinations 2014 are NOT eligible to participate in Spelling Bee.
  • The participant must be a Bangladeshi.
  • Any Non-Resident Bangladeshi student can participate in Spelling Bee provided (s)he is a student of Class VI- X.
  • The speller must not bypass or circumvent normal school activity to study for Spelling Bee.
  • Upon successfully being selected for the divisional round, the speller must fill up the divisional round access form (to be obtained from the Champs21 website) and bring it along with him/her to the divisional round venue
  • reserves all rights to alter/change the competition format at any point of time
    Note: For Non Resident Bangladeshi (N.R.B) students who are willing to participate in the competition, the following apply:
  • Every N.R.B student can participate provided (s)he is a student from class VI-X
  • In the event of qualifying to the divisional round, the student must bring two different documents for verification purposes which are listed below:
    • A letter from your school confirming your student status, detailing the class and curriculum of education.

Please note that upon qualifying to the divisional round, you will have to travel to Bangladesh to participate in the divisional round.

Are you already a registered user of If yes, just log in to your account and start playing Spell Bangladesh to participate in the Online Round. If you are not registered yet, just click here to register and start playing.

With your user credentials, all you need to do is play "Spell Bangladesh". As per game rules, if you make one mistake, you're out of the game! The good news is that you can play the game as many times as you want until the 1st Round ends on February 28, 2014. Your best score will be considered and only top spellers of your division will be selected for the 2nd Round.

  • Spellato this year in launched in an App format. You can download this in your android device from Google Play Store.
  • Go through the new Spellato thoroughly, particularly the Word Watch section of Spellato 2014. In this section you will find the suggestion words which are bound to show up in Spelling Bee 2014 competition. The Spellato also contains all the words used in the previous Spelling Bee Seasons, which will give you a solid idea about the competition.
  • Always remember practice makes perfect hence the more you practice, the more you will learn and be more confident eventually. Increase your English reading habits; this could be from English newspapers (, novels or elsewhere. Try understanding the meaning of each word and their application to sentences.
  • At the same time, set up a target of learning twenty new words every day. Get yourself the new Spellato or just a dictionary and maintain a pocket journal for learning words. Keep a specific time every day for testing your own spelling skills.
  • Make a list of your commonly misspelled words. When you catch yourself spelling the same word wrong over and over, write it down somewhere. When you get a chance, look it up and put the correct spelling next to it. (Make sure you mark which is correct!)
  • The only way to really learn a word is to use it. When you look up how to spell a word, write it down several times in a row, and do it again a day or two later - you're trying to build up the motor memory of writing it correctly spelled. Write a blog, a journal, an email or anything that will keep you using words and pay special attention as you write to the words that come up wrong using your spellchecker.
  • Bear in mind that all the spellings used in Spelling Bee are in British English.
  • The biggest reward in this competition is the learning process and the experience. However, there will be exciting rewards for the winners of Spelling Bee as well. Let's have a look at them.

The biggest reward in this competition is the learning process and the experience. However, there will be exciting rewards for the winners of Spelling Bee as well. Let's have a look at them.

Title Number of Recipients Award
Champion 1 Metlife Alico Education Policy of Tk. 500,000 and trip to Washington D.C, the city of Spelling Bee, with one parent
1st Runner-up 1 Metlife Alico Education Policy of Tk. 300,000
2nd Runner-up 1 Metlife Alico Education Policy of Tk. 200,000
Semi-Final Winners 8 Souvenir
Divisional Round 96 Souvenir
Online Round 3000 Certificate

We request the teachers to support your students and groom them accordingly for the competition. Dedicate a class hour to coach your students for Spelling Bee. We humbly request the school authorities to form a spelling club with students from class III-X. The in-school spelling club will act as a practice platform for students for the competition for this year and upcoming years. During Spelling Bee 2014, our team went and met up with many different teachers whose valuable feedback and endless support have been a motivation for us to carry out this event in Bangladesh. We would like to thank all the teachers nationwide who have dedicated their lives to educating the youth for a better tomorrow.


We would like to draw the attention of respected parents and welcome you to be a part of our initiative. We request you to support your child to the fullest. Spelling Bee is a not only a students' event but rather a family and social movement. Spelling Bee will not only improve the English skills of your child but provide an excellent platform to develop his/her leadership skills by getting ample practical exposure. We believe every child is talented and with proper guidance can be the best of the very best. We hope your child makes you and the entire nation proud!

TV Schedule

Date Day
26.06.2014 Thursday Contestants of Preliminary 13:
Mustakim Fil Umar, Sunnydale, Dhaka
Samiha Hamid Chowdhury, The Aga Khan School, Dhaka
Tawhid Tasdik, Bir Shreshtha Noor Mohammad Public School and College, Dhaka
Argho Roy, Anandaniketan, Sylhet
Shadman Zahid Kirill, Adventist International Mission School, Barisal
Tasnuva Siddique Shreya, Scholastica, Dhaka
25.06.2014 Wednesday Contestants of Preliminary 12:
Asif Saadat Anwar, Scholastica, Dhaka.
Ayesha Mehjuba Sinha, Ideal School & College, Motijheel, Dhaka.
Irtiza Al Wasee, Paramount School & College, Rajshahi.
Preetom Kumar Biswas, Police Line Secondary School, Khulna.
Sabiha Younus, Anandaniketan, Sylhet.
Tasir Haque, Sunnydale, Dhaka.
19.06.2014 Thursday Contestants of Preliminary 11:
Navid Chowdhury, Anandaniketan School, Sylhet.
Proma Ayesha Kibria, The Aga Khan School, Dhaka.
Sadia Shagufta Zaman, Paramount School & College, Rajshahi.
Samin Ishmam Ahmed, Chittagong Cantonmetn Public College, Chittagong.
Sunny Zaman, Drexel International School, Dhaka.
Zoya Mehr Rahman, Scholastica, Dhaka.
18.06.2014 Wednesday Contestants of Preliminary 10:
Eqra Md.Resalat Ohee, Class 10,Ideal School and College, Dhaka 
Fairuz Ishraque, Class 10, Chittagong Cant. Public College, Chittagong
Farsad Abdur Rashid, Class 7, Sunbeams, Dhaka 
Kazi Tahmin Shahan, Class 8, Shahan International School, Rangpur
Progga Paromita, Class 8, Sunbeams, Dhaka
Sabir Hossain Sagor, Class 9, Maple Leaf International School, Dhaka
12.06.2014 Thursday Contestants of Preliminary 09:
Abrar Arafat, DPS STS School, Dhaka
Haseen Hasnain, HURDCO International School, Dhaka
Md. Tousif Tanjim, Cantonment Public School & College, Rangpur
Mainul Karim, Comilla Cadet College, Chittagong
Naiyareen Fareeza Mayeen, Sunbeams, Dhaka
Samreen Mehak, Scholastica, Dhaka
11.06.2014 Wednesday Contestants of Preliminary 08:
Farzana Zahir, Class 10, Shahan International School, Rangpur
Hasan Al Tareq, Class 8,Hurdco International School, Dhaka 
Iftekharul Islam, Class 10, Jhenidah Cadet College, Khulna
Maisha M Prome, Class 9, Oxford International School, Dhaka 
Md. Muntasir Islam, Class 9, Dhaka Residential Model College, Dhaka 
Salma Mohammad Ali, Class 9, Sir John Wilson , Dhaka
05.06.2014 Wednesday Contestants of Preliminary 07:
Ahnaf Tahmid-Ul - Haque, Class IX, Jhenidah Cadet College, Khulna
Faiza Zaheen Chowdhury, Class IX, Sir John Wilson School, Dhaka
Farhan Uddin Ahmed, Class X, Bangladesh International School and College, Dhaka
Saad Aslam, Class IX, Dhaka Residential Model college, Dhaka
Wafa Akhter, Class IX, Tulip International School and College, Rangpur
Nafis Tahmid, Class VIII , Mirzapur Cadet College, Dhaka
04.06.2014 Thursday Contestants of Preliminary 06:
Muhammad Tawsifur Rahman, Class VIII, Anandaniketan School, Sylhet
Mohammad Ridwan Hossain, class X, Paramount School & College, Rajshahi
Ryan Farhab, Class VIII, Scholastica, Dhaka
Shabrina S khan, Class VIII, Sir John Wilson School, Dhaka
Shakif Bin Mahbub, Class X, Faujdarhat Cadet College, Chittagong
Tahsin Abedi, Class VIII, Mastermind, Dhaka
29.05.2014 Thursday Contestants of Preliminary 05:
Zuhayr Sammi Laskar, ClassVIII, Sunnydale, Dhaka
Aryan Rahman, Class IX, Scholastica, Dhaka
Safwan Jasir Chowdhury, Class X, Foujdarhat Cadet College, Chittagong
Chowdhury Nabila Tasnim, Class VIII, European Standard School, Dhaka
Mehbeez Binte Matiur, Class IX, Mastermind, Dhaka
Samiha Fatema, Class IX, Presidency International School, Chittagong
28.05.2014 Wednesday Contestants of Preliminary 04:
Imaan Seraphine Islam Rahim, Class VIII, Scholastica, Dhaka 
Mohammad Yasir Salim, Class VIII, Chittagong International School, Chittagong
Nowhar Rahman, Class VII, Sunnydale, Dhaka 
Saif Rahman, Class IX, Regent College, Dhaka 
Annesha Muzib, Class IX, Mastermind, Dhaka 
Arnab Das, Class VIII, Faujdarhat Cadet College, Chittagong
22.05.2014 Thursday Contestants of Preliminary 03:
Afrodite Andalib,Class IX, South Point School, Dhaka 
Alif Ahsan, Class IX, Rajshahi Cadet College, Rajshahi 
Hasibur Rahman, Class VIII Sylhet Cadet College, Sylhet
Mursetul Islam, Class IX, Sunnydale, Dhaka
Nazia Islam, Class IX, International Turkish Hope School, Chittagong
Parisa Islam, Class IX, Mirpur Girls' Ideal Laboratory Institute , Dhaka
21.05.2014 Wednesday Contestants of Preliminary 02:
Faiyaz Bin Khaled, Class IX, Radiant School and College, Chittagong
Kazi Rafid Ahmed, Class IX, Sunbeams, Dhaka
Md. Tahsin Tamim, Class X, Barisal Cadet College, Barisal
Mehzabin Khan, Class IX, Scholastica, Dhaka
Rafiyat Zafeer Wafee, Class IX, Sunnydale, Dhaka
Sakib Ahmed, Class VIII, Anandaniketan School, Sylhet
15.05.2014 Thursday Contestants of Preliminary 01:
Azman Anju Khan Chowdhury, Class X, St. Peter's School of London, Dhaka
Maashiat, Class VII, Suunydale, Dhaka 
Mirza Sadat Sahid, Class X, Barisal Cadet College, Barisal
Raima Ibnat Chowdhury, Class VIII, Anandaniketan, Sylhet
Saklain Mahmud, Class IX, Rajshahi Cadet College, Rajshahi
Wasique Hasan, Marie Courie School, Dhaka
14.05.2014 Wednesday School Activation : Dhaka Residential Model College
Division : Dhaka B & Barisal
07.05.2014 Wednesday School Activation : Bangladesh Navy School & College
Division : Dhaka A & Rajshahi
01.05.2014 Thursday School Activation : Scholastica School
Division : Chittagong & Rangpur
30.04.2014 Wednesday School Activation : Maple Leaf International School
Division : Sylhet & Khulna
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Watch all 30 episodes of Spelling Bee 2012 and get an understanding of the competition format and the question structure. This is an excellent way to prepare yourself for the Divisional Round and the TV Rounds!

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